21st centuary

The digital generation or should I say the digital world,Many are times we want to live up to our expectations but due to some unavoidable circumstances we end-up on the streets with nowhere to go.You know many of us live in a world of trial and error without realising that life is not a rehearsal its real.we need to live in reality and stop rehearsing life.

Most of the youths who end up on the streets is due to negligence and the act of living in dispair and even fear of the unknown. For example someone would rather stay in a far away street where he/she is not known than going back to their homes and correct whatever mistake they might have made which makes them feel ashamed of who they are.This has really increased the number of street community in kenya.Inorder to reduce street life in future its important to start from the root of the problem and that is KNOWING WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR PURPOSE IN YOUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF YOUR NEIGHBOUR.

Its easily said than done,or what do you think?
If the number of street community keeps increasing day in day out,there will be alot of insecurities in the world today.
Lets join hands together as the youth of today and refuse street life as we do not deserve it.we are the famous 21st centuary generation,we are known to be the generation born when the level of technology is really high,we are also known to be priviledged to have seen both the 19th centuaries and the 21st centuary,we are the connection that links the analog world to the digital world,we cannot afford to fall weak and live a life of dispair when God has given us great intelligence and the biggest opportunity to experience two different worlds.we are like a bridge between the two worlds which should not be shaken or even fall apart
Wake-up from your comfort zone comrade,take heart,believe in yourself and let God lead your way.

#the 21st centuary young generation is ready to bring equatable change to the whole world or what is you say?


Life is really suprising sometimes on one minute u want to live until your old ages and on the next minute you want to die at that moment.whatever life brings ahead of us is never known but after all we are privileged of knowing the present.

I love life and I would not like to waste it. If you love life and want to live to the fullest please leave a comment and a like down here .I write to give you hope that we are here for a reason you only need to relite your power of life,unleash the hidden potentials and be confident enough to overcome what comes your way.

Am 21 as of now,sometimes I really feel bored but when its evident that I know what I want in life then it becomes easy to get out of my comfort zone.

21st centuary,full of love and life ,ask me how and I will tell you.

#love you all who want to live life to the fullest and accomplish your purposes……