Life is really suprising sometimes on one minute u want to live until your old ages and on the next minute you want to die at that moment.whatever life brings ahead of us is never known but after all we are privileged of knowing the present.

I love life and I would not like to waste it. If you love life and want to live to the fullest please leave a comment and a like down here .I write to give you hope that we are here for a reason you only need to relite your power of life,unleash the hidden potentials and be confident enough to overcome what comes your way.

Am 21 as of now,sometimes I really feel bored but when its evident that I know what I want in life then it becomes easy to get out of my comfort zone.

21st centuary,full of love and life ,ask me how and I will tell you.

#love you all who want to live life to the fullest and accomplish your purposes……

7 thoughts on “Life

  1. Thanks , it’s quite encouraging to create a platform where the youth can share and encourage each other, we are living in times where we can easily be swayed out of our dreams by peer pressure.
    Keep it up


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